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My name is Tim and I teach guitar under the catchier name of The La Mesa String School. I'm a La Mesa native. I began offering private guitar lessons in college in 2009, and I've spent the last 13 years working for the La Mesa/Spring Valley School District with children grades K-8th. I currently teach my very own RockStar Guitar Troupe, traveling to various schools throughout the district to work with groups of 10-20 kids grades 4-8th.



I picked up the guitar early in grade school and I've been playing ever since. In the 20 some years since then, I've learned from many of San Diego's best guitar instructors. I spent several years after high school in a band gaining experience as both a musician and a businessman. We were signed to a record label, released one album and then promptly broke up!


 I am comfortable and qualified in teaching every major musical style and genre to an intermediate degree, and most far beyond that. My only limitations include very advanced jazz and flamenco.

 I began offering guitar lessons in 2009, and I've continually grown as an instructor and improved my lessons ever since. 

Please don't hesitate to ask me personally if you have any other questions:

My RockStar Guitar Class Performing in December 2015

Various Live Performance at SOMA, San Diego in 2004/2005

The Starlight Theater, Los Angeles 2013

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