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My name is Tim, and I provide guitar & ukulele lessons in Fletcher Hills (formerly La Mesa), California.

 You can learn more about me here.

 Important Note About The Future of My Guitar Lessons

The La Mesa String School is simply the catchier name that I use for my lessons.

I began teaching in Fall of 2009 and in each year since, I have added new and exciting improvements to my lessons.

Please check out my Yelp reviews here!


 I offer professional, affordable music instruction and serve students of all musical backgrounds and all ages. This includes all major styles of guitar (acoustic, electric and classical), and ukulele as well as general musical training. Lessons are given at my home studio in Fletcher Hills. There are several good options for guitar instructors in the San Diego area, but I have worked hard to incorporate some truly innovative ideas into my lessons that I believe make them the very best. Here are a few of the innovations that I offer:


The String School Guitar Method

Each student receives a free PDF digital copy of my book, The String School Guitar Method. For those who prefer a physical copy I also offer a printed edition in color in protective sleeves and a 3-ring notebook. This method allows us to customize your copy of the book by adding songs and techniques specific to your lessons! I sell this optional edition at the cost I incur for printing and assembling it: $35

Online Song Resources

With your lessons comes access to my personal online database of songs & sheet music/tab to work on either during our lessons or in your free time. This collection is updated regularly, and most songs include several versions at different levels of difficulty. You can access these songs along with recordings at various speeds to play along with at any time, either during your lessons with guidance from me, or in your free time.

String School Concerts

My modern style recitals! Twice per year, and a great source of motivation for students of all ages! You can read more about String School Concerts here.

String School Studio

For those that are less inclined to be performers, you can record a song instead! Twice a year I offer the choice of a concert performance or recording studio time to record your own song! It can be an original, or a cover song of your choice that we work on throughout the year. Learn more about the String School Studio here

Music-Editing Software

During your lessons, we can slow down your favorite songs & learn at your own pace! This is especially useful for students with little to no musical experience. There's no need to work with songs you've never heard of, or have no interest in! Computer software has made learning to play an instrument more accessible than ever before!


Office Hours

I offer extra time on weekends in addition to your scheduled lesson time! This time is meant to address problems with your practicing, clarify concepts we've gone over, or for general help with your instrument! For more information about my office hours, please click here.


Lesson Hub & Weekly Lesson Log

To make it easier for parents to monitor their student's accomplishments OR for adults to keep track of what to work on, each student  is given a weekly Lesson Log. The Lesson Log is a document that I fill out at the end of each lesson that shows what we did, what to practice for the upcoming week, and weekly tips to make progress faster!  View a sample Lesson Log here.


Practice Log

I also offer a weekly practice log for younger students to keep track of their practicing and earn rewards at parents' discretion (I provide a candy jar for this purpose, for example).  View a sample Practice Log here.

Custom Color-Coded Music Reading System

A simple and easy way to make the most of your lessons by emphasizing tips and areas to improve through a color coded notation system. I also offer different pages for players of different skill levels. Sample the pages for beginners here!

A Commitment To Constantly Improve 

When I began giving lessons in 2009, I had none of these things. The most important thing that I can offer my students is the promise that I am always looking for new and unique ways to improve my lessons! At least once per year, I roll out a series of improvements designed to help you learn faster and more comfortably! 





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