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The La Mesa String School is now a two-man show!

The String School is simply the fancy name for the private music lessons offered by Tim Dobranski and Jonathan Smith in La Mesa, California.

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Tim handles guitar lessons, while Jon oversees violin lessons.

 We offer professional, affordable music instruction and serve students of all ages and from all musical backgrounds. This includes all major styles of guitar and violin, as well as general musical training. Lessons are currently given at two locations in La Mesa, depending on the instrument being taught. There are several good choices for music lessons in the San Diego area. However, our lessons stand out for a few key reasons:

Music-Editing Software!
To slow down your favorite songs & learn at your own pace!

Office Hours!
A first in the guitar-lesson business, as far as I'm aware! Beginning September 2014, I, Tim, will offer office hours for guitar lessons on weekends in addition to your scheduled lesson time! This time is meant to address problems with your practicing, clarify concepts we've gone over, or for general help with your instrument!

Color-Coded Notes System!
Also new for September 2014, is a simple and easy way to make the most of your lessons by emphasizing tips and areas to improve through a simple color coded note system. More to come on this soon!

Guitar Rentals!
The most affordable in La Mesa, to get you started before making a big investment!

Parent Progress Reports!
To make it easier for parents to monitor their student's accomplishments

Online Resources!
Many of the worksheets and materials used are available here on this website for your convenience. More are added regularly!

In Home "MVP" Lessons!
Lessons in the comfort of your own home - like having your own personal musical trainer!
(weekends only)

Our goal is to combine the best of two worlds: the integrity and professionalism of a neighborhood business with the friendly and intimate communication of a one-on-one local music instructor. We are both truly devoted to our lessons, and they're designed to be a modern take on the same fundamental ideas that every musician needs to know.

To inquire about lessons:
Phone: (619)-663-8461